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Smera Lines is a pure NVOCC box operator where we are committed to providing you with personalized solutions for your ocean freight needs. We truly value our customer’s time lines & believe in total commitment to our Patrons.

Smera Lines was established by dedicated professionals in shipping and logistics sector, who have years of hands on experience in the freight forwarding logistics. We put in or best efforts and expertise to analyze your freight requirements and then recommend the best possible strategy for handling your shipment so that it arrives at its destination both safely and in time. We work very closely with you to customize your shipment needs and make it most cost effective. To handle your Time Sensitive shipments, we take extra pain to deliver it in time.

With our co-partner offices and agents across the globe that represents our company on various trade lanes around the world, we are with you from start to end and much beyond that. Our extensive network of experienced & skillful agents enable us to handle all your complex logistics needs in the most efficient manner regardless of size of your samira, routing or distance.


Our Mission

At Smera we strive to continuously evolve in providing customized & efficient shipping solutions to fulfil our customers’ precise needs through ourcustomer focused approach.

Our Vision

We aspire to achieve high standards of quality service with equally high values of integrity, and transparency in global shipping and logistics. We want Smera to be considered as most preferred logistics service partner by our customers.


Efficiency, transparency & trust are our primary objectives for every shipment. Our goal is not only to fulfill the needs of our clients by rendering the best available services at all times, but also to continuously seek new avenues to reduce our client’s logistics costs, to develop new and innovative logistics solutions. Continuous Improvements give our clients and us a competitive edge in our respective lines of business.

Ethics & Values

We consistently strive to follow and abide by the rules and regulations pertaining to shipment by ocean, rail and road in order to stay compliant. We strictly maintain the confidentiality and privacy pertaining to our shippers, consignees and their sources. This builds an atmosphere of trust and reliance between us and our clients. Together we strive to achieve our goals with peace of mind. We intend to continuously develop and retain everlastingly for the benefits that we derive by following it in letter and spirit:
  • 1 Conscientiously listening to the clients needs.
  • 2 Working closely with our clients in order to ultimately fulfill their goals and plan of action.
  • 3 Educating clients with the latest trends, government regulations and best possible solutions so that they can maximize their profits.
  • 4 Making paramount use of modern technologies and resources at hand in order to keep the client posted in real time scenario.
  • 5 Integrity, transparency, confidentiality, trust and client satisfaction.
  • 6 Integrity, transparency, confidentiality, trust and client satisfaction.

Code Of Conduct

Smera Lines is committed to the code of conduct appended below and will follow in letter and spirit for the overall health and prosperity of the business.
  • 1 Application: The code applies to all the members of the organization down the hierarchy who will strictly adhere to it.
  • 2 Business Activities: The management and all the members of the business will ensure that our trade practices are viable, transparent and compliant with the rules and regulations and based on mutual trust and honesty of purpose for which the business has been formed while avoiding any activity which is detrimental to the wellbeing of the organization.
  • 3 Quality : Smera Lines is committed to strive for perfection in everything it does to provide service to its clients. We shall be measured by the level of service and satisfaction that our clients derive while doing business with us.
  • 4 Competition: We respect our competitors. We differentiate ourselves with the quality of service, transparency in conduct, price, honesty and confidentiality.
  • 5 Conflict of Interest No member of Smera Lines will engage in any such activity which is directly or indirectly in conflict to the business norms and policies of Smera Lines. No person being part of the organization will try to achieve personal benefit through manipulation of the authority conferred upon him/her by the company.
  • 6 Confidentiality: Confidentiality of business, clientele information, product information about source, price and location and any non-public information will be strictly maintained by a affiliated with Smera Lines. Disclosure of such information will be prevented unless required by applicable laws governing the business.
  • 7 Sexual Harassment: Smera Lines follows zero tolerance on the subject. We respect the work premises and want to keep it safe, cordial and congenial.

Management Team

Capt.Enoch D Viccajee a Master Mariner Professional with industry expertise of 22 yrs in the International shipping & Logistics domain. Previously associated with renowned Singapore based NVOCC operator as Business development head providing optimized solutions to customers having various size & nature of samiraes to be shipped at international platform with multiple agency network. Strong domain knowledge in Container liner business, driving it through challenging diversities & varsities across International geographies.