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NVOCC Terms & Abbrevations

ASEAN Association of South-East Asian Trading Nations ATA Carnet Document used for temporary export of exhibition goods from UK and admission into another country. Issued by Chamber of Commerce. ATR1 Movement Certificate for Turkey AWB Air Waybill BAF Bunker Adjustment Factor B/L Bill of Lading BIMCO Baltic and International Marine Conference BSI British Standards Institute BTN Brussels Tariff Nomenclature CAA Civil Aviation Authority CAD Cash Against Documents CAD Cash Against Documents CAF Currently Adjustment Factor CAP The Common Agriculture Policy CBM Cubic Meter CFR Cost and Freight to named ports of destination (Incoterms 2010) CFS Container Freight Station CIF Custom Insurance and Freight CIM Consignment note used for Rail Freight CIP Carriage and Insurance Paid CMR Consignment note used for Road Freight COD Cash on Delivery COI Central Office of Information CofO Certificate of Origin COTIF Regs, for Int’l carriage of dangerous goods by rail CPT Carriage Paid to named place CRF Clean Report of Findings CRN Custom Registered Number CTO Combined Transport Operator CTU samira Transport Unit CWO Cash with Order D / A Document against Acceptance DA 59 Declaration of Origin for exports of South Africa DAF Delivered at Frontier DDP Delivered Duty Paid DDU Delivered Duty Unpaid DEQ Delivered ex Quay DES Delivered ex Ship DEPS Departmental Entry Processing System DGN Dangerous Goods Note DIC Delivered-in Charge D / P Document Against Payment DTI Department of Trade and Industry ECI Export Consignment Identifier
EDI Electronic Data In charge EEA European Economic Area EFTA European Free Trade Agreement EU European Union EXW Ex Works FAA Federal Aviation Authority FAK Freight All Kinds FAS Free Alongside Ship FCA Free Carrier FCl Full Container Load FCR Forwarder’s Certificate of Receipt FCT Forwarder’s Certificate of Transport FIATA Int’l Federation of Freight Forwarders Association FIATAB / L A Bill of Lading issued under the auspices of FIATA FIO Free In and Out FIOS Free In and Out, Stowed FLIC Forwarders Local Import Control FOB Free On Board FTZ Free Trade Zone GIT Goods in Transport Policy GSP General System of Preference HAWB House Air Waybill HOUSE B / L A Bill of Lading issued by a Freight Forwarder converting and individual shipment within a consolidation HS Harmonized System of Customs Tariffs IATA International Air Transport Association ICAO International Civil Aviation Organization ICC International Chamber of Commerce ICD Inland Clearance Depot ILO International Labor Organization ILU Institute of London Underwriters IMDG International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code IMF International Monetary Funds IMO International Maritime Organization INCOTERMS Terms of Trade for International Contracts INVOICE Commercial, Invoice issued by exporter on buyer. IPR Inwards Processing Relief ISO International Standards Organization LASH Lighter Aboard Ship LCL Less than Container Load LEC Local Export Control LIC Local Import Control LO / LO Lift On / Lift Of MAR Marine All Risk Policy MAWB MasterAirWaybill WTO World Trade Organizations
MFAG Medical First Aid Guide NAFTA North American Free Trade NSSN National Standard Shipping Note NVOC Non – Vessel Operating Carrier NVOC (C) Non – Vessel Operation (Common) Carrier NVOC (C) B / L A Bill of Lading issued by a NVOC (C) OCTI Central Office for International Rail Transport OECD Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development OPR Outwards Processing Relief PIRA Packing Division of the Research Association POD Proof Of Delivery PPI Policy Proof of Interest RED Registered Excise Dealer RHA Road Haulage Association RID International regulations of carriage of goods by Rail RO / RO Roll On / Roll Of RO / RO / DGN Dangerous Goods not used instead of a NSSN, for movement of Hazardous Goods onto a ro / ro vessel SAD Single Administrative Document SCP Simplified ClarenceProcedure SDR Special Drawing Right SGS Society General de Surveillance SITC Standard International Trade Classification SITPRO Simple Trade Procedures Board SLI Shipper’s Letter of Instruction SPEX SITPRO’s software package for exporters SR & CC Strike Riot and Civil Commotion SSN Standard Shipping Note SWIFT Society for Worldwide Inter bank Financial Telecommunications TAA Transatlantic Agreement TARIC Community Integrated Tariff TDA Transportation Distribution Analysis TDC Total Distribution Cost THE Technical Help of Exporters TIR Transporters International Routers TEU Twenty Foot Equivalent Unit TURN Traders Unique Reference Number UCP500ULD Uniform Customs and Practice ULD Unit Load Device UNCTAD United Nations Conference on Trade and Development UN United Nation URC522 Uniform Rules for Collection VAT Value Added Tax

Management Team

Capt.Enoch D Viccajee a Master Mariner Professional with industry expertise of 22 yrs in the International shipping & Logistics domain. Previously associated with renowned Singapore based NVOCC operator as Business development head providing optimized solutions to customers having various size & nature of samiraes to be shipped at international platform with multiple agency network. Strong domain knowledge in Container liner business, driving it through challenging diversities & varsities across International geographies.